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Title: Fall is in the air
Post by: Admin on September 13, 2014, 06:44:19 PM
All the subtle changes from summer to fall are becoming noticeable. Here in the desert a few of the changes I've noticed so are the highs are barely cracking 100 and the nights are much cooler. The angle of the sun gives that fall feeling though it is subtle, something many don't sense. My tomato plants are flowering and setting their buds so I may yet get a few good maters! My Jalapeños have been the stars this year. They keep producing loads of perfect heat and tasteful peppers. I am going to dry what we don't consume. I should say what I don't consume as my wife does not like them at all. The other peppers are taking off also. I have everything planted in half wine barrels. I think the roots stay too warm at night. Next year I am going to make larger raised planters and set them directly on the ground as a heat sink.

We won't lose leaves until mid to late November or so and I should be able to quit mowing in December sometime. I am hoping we don't get that sharp and brief cold snap we did two years ago. The first winter here it was the coldest winter in the last 20 years and then summer hit and set all time high records. I love the heat as long as I don't have to be out in the direct sun doing manual labor. I'll take 115 any day over damp and cloudy weather. I wonder how I survived up north as long as I did?  ;D ;D

As soon as I get my garage set up finished I am going to begin my building of 52 Chevy pickup. I have two and should be able to get all the parts I need to make one good one. Nice project to get started in the winter.

Title: Re: Fall is in the air
Post by: Joel J. on September 15, 2014, 11:07:59 AM
                 Sounds like you are having fun Gord. Always nice to hear someone else's experiences.

                 I had a good year in the garden after years of kind of being board with gardening. I added raised beds and that was the spark I needed to get back into gardening. I had some set backs seeds not germinating and moles. I had flowers broccoli, beans, cukes,carrots, kohlrabi,zucchini, snap peas and tomatoes and of course raspberries and a pears.
                 Every year a mole gets under plants and kills off some things. I finally got him last week and waiting to see if he has a her or an it accomplice. I was lazy, I should have got right on it but failed and then it went out into the lawn and that was its undoing.
                 So I grew Early Girls toms and they came out crazy good because we have almost broke a record having 44 days over 80 degrees. Also cherries toms. I have a billion zucchini, over 20 plants, I give them to neighbors and eats as many as I can. My mouth is sore from eating toms. Even though I only had a 1/4 crop of beans this year after three plantings I finally have all we can eat and give away. Deb loves beans. I have eaten some kohlrabi raw and cooked and very small carrots raw. I plant too thick in wide rows so growth is slowed, not good. We canned some cukes after eating all we could and then the mole killed every plant. Morning glory has over taken the raspberries again this year I am going out and pulling after I type this out.
               So what a kick, fun to raise stuff and try new things and then plan what to do different next year. I know I am going to keep up on killing moles for sure. I love to propagate flowers from seed and love working in the new raised beds.
Well until next year. Thanks for starting the thread Senator.

Title: Re: Fall is in the air
Post by: Admin on September 15, 2014, 04:26:36 PM
I spoke too soon! It is 105 right now and we are not at the hottest part of the day yet. Forecast high was 98. Thunderstorms are predicted and the storm hitting Mexico may put some real moisture down though the path of that right now is to my east with Vegas getting the far western edge only. We can always use the moisture but those knd of events usually mean serious life threatening damage.

I am going to research how to grow tomatoes here over the winter without going to full inground planting. The soil here is terrible so doing traditional gardening would mean removing tons of dirt and replacing with good garden soil and amendments. The clay here is miserable stuff when it gets wet. It sticks to everything like poop to feathers!  ;D

Title: Re: Fall is in the air
Post by: Admin on September 15, 2014, 04:50:01 PM
Just checked the storm track and it has changed since last night. It now is going to miss us completely bump
Phoenix area looks like it is going to be hit fairly hard with rain. They don't need anymore right now. Feast or famine.

Title: Re: Fall is in the air
Post by: Admin on October 24, 2014, 06:21:12 PM
Well now that Fall is firmly in place I am enjoying the mid to upper 80 days, very low humidity with gentle breezes. Almost idyllic. The dogs seem to want to walk forever during our evening walks. Unfortunately the fair weather dog walkers are out also so it can be a challenge dealing with nasty mannered dogs that seem to have their inconsiderate humans on a leash.

Title: Re: Fall is in the air
Post by: Underdog on October 27, 2014, 06:39:07 AM
Oh, Gordy, I think you are just trying to make us jealous.   >:(

I'm trying to squeeze every drop of warm out of these sunny, beautiful, October days.

Often heard around our house "so glad I'm not in October".   ;D

Title: Re: Fall is in the air
Post by: Admin on October 27, 2014, 09:05:15 AM
We say the same thing but have added northern Nevada was well!

Rarely rains there but it gets cold in the fall, winter and spring and can snow up to your arm pits as well. That's why we left. I have several cities in my favorites in the weather app on my iPad and I scroll through them every few days. Rain is certainly a consistent forecast for Seattle. I am so out of that mode. I usually have to think really hard to remember when it rained last here. It has been several months now except for a brief few drops from the edge of a thunderstorm. I think it was April the last time a front came in and it rained without a thunderstorm. At least it is rarely bitter cold in Seattle but the damp 40’s and overcast for months isn't something I could handle any more. Latter July through September, even into early October ,can be beautiful up north and I always try to get  up there during that time of  the year.

I see the temps here are going to drop into the upper 60's for a few days in about a week. I wish that was the bottom of the seasonal range but you can't have everything I guess. It will feel very cold. I am hoping I don't have to switch to long pants until the usual mid December "put the shorts away" event.